24 January, 2009

My Dream Menu, take 1


Salad of frisée, radicchio, chive, cucumber, pecans, honey garlic dressing and coconut shavings.


Fresh whole wheat pasta, olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt. Served with a side bowl of Parmesan snow.


Four ounce flatiron steak with two grilled jumbo shrimp, drizzled in walnut oil.


Lime sorbet scooped with a melon-baller into a rocks glass.

(needs a name)

Bacon and leek consommé.

(also needs a name; austerity?)

Trout and asparagus almondine.


Double chocolate bombe with cappucino ice cream.


Krupnik, Limoncello, etc.

I might like to fit in a tempura somewhere. Thoughts? Also, bacon is particularly tough to do consommé with because it has lots of fat and little to no cartilage and tendon (needed for the gelatin) — perhaps there's another interesting meat to be used?