17 November, 2008

English as She is Spoke, Part 2: the Good

"Meh" was recently added to the Collins English Dictionary. My fuddy-duddy post of yesterday notwithstanding, this makes me happy. I enjoy having an onomotopoetic word for apathy.

English as She is Spoke

<rant> Twenty percent of the words in the title of Richard Ford's The Lay of the Land are misspelled! In the title! You're telling me not even his editor remembers the word "ley?" I suppose I shouldn't be surprised: Firefox doesn't know the word. It snubs me with its little red dotted line, suggesting instead "la," and "lye," and even "hey" and "levy." </rant>

02 November, 2008

Sometimes, having been a music major is a curse

There's a moment in Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture that reminds me of something, but I can't pin it down. It's about halfway through; 4'55" in on the André Previn recording. It starts out in the celli, I think, and then moves up. Could it be in a recent action movie?

Later...I'm not sure this is what I was thinking of, but it's pretty similar to the base line of the new Dr. Who theme.