16 February, 2008

Frustrated with Media

I'm really just tired of it all.

I've been trying all evening to watch some old TV shows on my nice Netflix unlimited subscription. Problem: I've got a Mac. I've got Parallels, and occasionally it'll run Windows, but mostly it just crashes. I'm sick and tired of Microsoft writing code that crashes constantly.

I'm sick and tired of Apple being greedy and refusing to license their DRM. Hey, Apple: you do realize that licensing it out to Netflix makes your products more valuable, right? You're sure as hell not going to get me to use your iTunes Movie Rental service; it's a load of crap. Watch one movie once for $4 or watch unlimited movies unlimited times for $15/month? No question. Apple makes a better product than Microsoft, but they're just as obnoxious about it.

I'm sick and tired of the music and movie industries treating me like a criminal. Yeah, I used to download music. You know what happened? I spent $300 in the last couple years on CDs. I spent $200 on concerts. That's $500 on music, or about $490 more than I spent in the 20 years before I started downloading. I've since stopped downloading illegally and my purchases have plummeted. I just can't find the good music any more.

So, in conclusion, to Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Harry Sloan, Philippe Dauman, Sumner Redstone, Reyer Maker, and the rest of your ilk: Stick it up your fat, greasy, selfish asses

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