31 January, 2009

Customer Service WIN

I just took a look at my cell phone bill. I went 254 minutes over . . . which is quite surprising to me because I never use it during the day and I have free nights and weekends. Or so I thought. It turns out I only had 400 night minutes and unlimited weekends. (I was sure I was right, but, of course, we know that human memory is quite fallible.)

So I called up T-Mobile to bitch about them changing my plan on me without me noticing. But it seems they did not. I was just wrong. Nonetheless, they offered to add their "faves" plan or whatever it's called so I could get free calls to my five most frequently called numbers, which, given my bill looks like a power law, will help substantially.) Normally they want a 2-year contract for that plan, but they knocked it down to one AND BACK-DATED IT so it applies to this bill and I get out of the contract sooner.

Major win for T-Mobile. I've always said I liked their customer service. Now I remember why I'm not getting an iPhone: stupid AT&T couldn't even tell me my credit card wasn't processing; they just racked up lots of late fees.


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